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We know Film and Television, and we know Dance.  

GEM Creative Talent was founded by Assistant Director and Professional Dancer, Gemma Morton, following her realisation that such an agency, and the unique specialism she has developed through her two careers, was badly needed by the industry.  


Gemma was an AD for around six years before taking a hiatus to focus on her dance career, ultimately returning to work as an AD in April 2019.  During this time she has quickly become the trusted port-of-call for many productions looking to source dancers and choreographers, as well as a sounding-board for advice on how to shoot certain sequences.


As an AD, Gemma works mostly on HETV and Film, in countries including the UK, Spain and Morocco.


As a professional dancer, Gemma is accredited by the ISTD, and has taught and performed for prestigious corporate and private clients throughout the UK and further afield, including Sweden, Lithuania, Italy and Bahrain. 


Dancers - Acrobats - Gymnasts - Cheerleaders - Circus Performers - Aerialists

We save the busy 2nd Assistant Director or Production Manager time and money, right from the first contact.

No more having to Google, call and email multiple dance studios, teachers and other agencies trying to explain what you need to someone who might not understand the industry.  We know how important your time is, how to respond to the changing nature of production, and exactly what information you need.  We will anticipate, flag and solve any issues before you even know they could exist.

We provide our advice from the context of two perspectives - that of the Assistant Director and the practical needs of the production, and that of the performer or creative, balancing the creative needs. 

We'll make sure you don't book a Brazilian Samba dancer when the Director envisaged a Ballroom Samba dancer - an easy mistake for a non-dancer to make.  Let us guide you from the script and make suggestions.

We provide tailored casting recommendations of our artists we believe are right for the job, not just because they fit the brief.  All our artists are highly trained, and are familiar with set etiquette and terminology.

We'll advise you of any additional requirements we think you might need - please see our descriptions below for guidance. 


Required for 'set pieces' of dance, or where cast or background are required to dance a specific style to music and learn a sequence to perfection.


Required when there are large numbers of background dancers needed to dance in a more freestyle manner within the confines of a dance style, and therefore require boundaries for types of steps that work with the camera movement.


Required when there are professional dancers on set dancing a choreography which is not necessarily integral to the scene e.g dancers on a stage in a club.  The Stand-By Dance Adviser will be able to talk to the dancers in their language and quickly facilitate complicated scenarios such as pick-ups, where the dancers may be mid-routine using different timing to camera, cast and crowd, thus avoiding downtime and multiple departments attempting to work out cues.

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